FAQ – IrRAWsistible Pet Foods
To apply to be a retail partner, please send us an email!


Where do you source your meats and are they human grade?

All irRAWsistible meats are human grade.  Our Chicken & turkey is from British Columbia, our beef is from Alberta and our duck is from Quebec.   These purchases are made directly from Federally Inspected farms.  We source our Lamb from Australia and/or New Zealand.

Do your products contain grains, preservatives, binders or fillers?


How do I feed irRAWsistible products to my pet?

Simply take the patties from your freezer the day before feeding and place in a container in your fridge to thaw overnight.  Place the thawed food in your pets dish and serve.  As with any raw meat product, surfaces, food and water bowls, and meat containers must be washed with warm soapy water after use. 

How long will thawed patties last in my fridge?

We recommend using all thawed refrigerated meats within 2 days.

Which of your products are boneless and which products have bone ground in?

For dogs: All 57g mini patty pouches, all 227g full patty stand up sleeves and 22lb Freezer Pack Beef and Lamb are boneless (supplemented with eggshell calcium).  Our 22lb Freezer Pack Chicken, Turkey and Duck are bone ground in mixes.

For cats: The 55g beef is boneless (supplemented with eggshell calcium).  Both the 52g Chicken & Turkey are bone ground in mixes.

Can I cook your patties?

Yes our boneless patties can be warmed up or cooked.  We do not recommend cooking our bone ground in patties as cooked bone can splinter.

Can I mix raw with kibble?

We do not recommend mixing raw with kibble as they digest differently.  We recommend serving raw and kibble as separate meals, should you wish to feed both.

Do you sell directly to the general public?

No, irRAWsistible is a wholesaler and sells only to approved pet food retailers, doggy daycares, dog walking companies and other dog related businesses.

How do I become a retailer/distributor of irRAWsistible products?

Please reach out to us through our contact page and we will discuss the next steps on becoming an irRAWsistible retail partner.

How much should I feed my dog or cat?

Please refer to our online feeding calculator for specific portions.  In general, the following guidelines apply:

Puppies (8 – 10 weeks): Approximately 6% of body weight
Puppies (11 weeks – 12 Months): Approximately 4% of body weight
Adult Dogs: Approximately 2 - 2.5% of body weight
Dogs that are Pregnant or Lactating: Approximately 4 - 5% of body weight
Kittens (8 – 10 weeks): Approximately 6% of body weight
Kittens (11 weeks – 12 Months): Approximately 4% of body weight
Adult Cats: Approximately 2.5 - 3.5% of body weight
Cats that are Pregnant or Lactating: Approximately 4 - 6% of body weight

Dog and cat owners should monitor their pet’s dietary intake and adjust as necessary.