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About Us


IrRAWsistible is a small, family-owned pet food company managed by James and Renata Hartmann.  We are located in Langley, B.C. with a manufacturing base in Vancouver, B.C

As life-long dog lovers and current owners of a Portuguese Water Dog named Cooper, we became interested in raw diets and wanted to explore the benefits of a raw diet for our pet.  It was during this exploration that we discovered the need for a convenient, portioned, ready-to-serve raw product, and so our venture began.  With the guidance of a canine nutritionist, IrRAWsistible began formulating raw diet meals in a test environment.  We assembled a team of premium supplier partners and, with successful, independent lab results in hand, IrRAWsistible was launched on March 28, 2011. 

Our customer guarantee is captured in our mission statement:

By sourcing premium quality ingredients and packaging in convenient stand up pouches & boxes, IrRAWsistible is committed to providing a nutritious raw diet for dogs and cats in an easy-to-serve patty format. 

We look forward to taking care of the nutritional needs of your beloved companion animals.