No grains, No fillers, chemical preservatives,
hormones or antibiotics. That's irRAWsistible.

  • Why Raw?
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  • At irRAWsistible, we believe in feeding dogs and cats a wholesome diet of species appropriate foods. Fresh hormone free raw meats, offal, vegetables and fruits are highly digestible and will result in optimal absorption rates for your pets. Commercial kibble is cooked under high heat which destroys enzymes making it difficult to digest. High heat processed foods result in the destruction of natural vitamins which are often replaced in their synthetic form in dry kibble foods. Commercially processed pet foods may contain high levels of grain. Dogs and cats have difficulty digesting grain products and as such they pass through your animal with little to no nutritional value. Many dogs and cats have grain based allergies which often disappear when fed a species appropriate raw diet.

    Dogs and cats were designed to consume raw meat.  Their digestive tracts and intestines are shorter and their stomachs have a high concentration of stomach acid.  These biological factors make it more difficult for harmful bacteria to affect your pet.  IrRAWsistible sources only the freshest, Federally Inspected meats, fruits and vegetables.  Raw fed dog and cat owners cite the following as the benefits of feeding raw:  

    • more energy
    • shinier coats
    • smaller volume of stool
    • better breath
    • cleaner teeth (with the introduction of raw bones)
    • weight management - leaner muscle
    • a stronger immune system

    When transitioning to a raw diet, some dogs and cats may experience loose stool, and indigestion. This is normal and is part of the transition process.  Add a digestive enzyme or probiotic to help in this transition. Cutting back on the raw and slowing the transition process down is advisable if this continues in the short term.  If it continues long term, you should see your veterinarian as there may be a non-diet health issue developing.  Expect your dog or cat to drink less water as raw diets contain higher moisture levels resulting in less need for rehydration (always ensure your pet has fresh water available).  As with any raw meat product, surfaces, food and water bowls, and meat containers must be washed with warm soapy water after use.